North Campus library’s new check in procedure


At Arrowhead’s north campus, the 2022-2023 school year started with a newly invented check-in procedure. Students can visit this library at any time between 7am-4pm to check out books, but in order to hang out there, students must be in the study hall. 


To get in the library, students check themselves in using the new QR code system. When a student scans the code on the new tables, a form with all of the rules pops up. It also includes all the necessary student information, along with a contract to sign conforming that students will follow rules. If not, the consequences are clearly embedded in the form. 


The rules are water only, work, and be kind, cutaneous, and respectful. There are extras like the printing area, and the quiet area, for students to take advantage of. 


Librarian Ann Anderson said, “We are trying to get north and south on the same page, or else things can get out of hand.” 


Student studying up in the quiet area, junior Mason Travers said, “I enjoy the use of the quiet area because it’s easier to focus.” 


This check in system is new at north, but according to Student Kaylee Nowak said, “It’s similar to south campus, but it’s useful for tracking people.” 


The shelves are labeled with genres of books, differing by color, and directions on how to check them out. 


Junior Nadia Grossmeyer said, “I haven’t checked out any books, but I use the library to study,” like many other students taking advantage of this opportunity. If you check out a book you get a free homemade bookmark!


Junior Jack Hudson says, “I prefer the library for study hall to talk to friends.” 


While it is quiet, librarian Anderson says, “I have an app on my phone called voice meter to monitor the sound, and make sure library voices are used.” The whisper voice levels keep the library contained. The library is full of opportunities and the decoration matches that.