Arrowhead Teachers Host Virtual College Essay Workshop


College application season is in full swing. With a nearing date for the national early application deadline of Nov. 1, and the national regular application deadline of January 1, one thing is creeping into student’s minds: writing their college essay. 


It’s a nerve wracking thought to write a college essay, and feedback is appreciated. Who do you go to though? Where do you turn for valuable critiques?


English teachers such as Elizabeth Jorgensen, Becca McCann, and Terri Carnell are hosting a Virtual College Essay Workshop from September 19th to October 21st. Because college applications are for seniors, the workshop is seniors only. One was previously hosted in early August. 


Jorgensen says, “I think we have been hosting college essay workshops since 2013. Each year, students state the time they spend in the workshop is valuable and we are happy to assist and help students with their applications, so we keep offering them each year.”


How the workshop from August to Sept./October may vary. Carnell, an Arrowhead Composition teacher, gave insight.


Carnell, Arrowhead Teacher says  “We want to meet kids where they are. To make it a bit more user friendly we’re posting a link instead of meeting face to face virtually. Trying to emphasize privacy a bit more.” 


Students who attended the college essay workshop received feedback for their essays, but also provided feedback for the teachers to improve for future workshops. 


The feedback received was to help improve the workshop for the students. Speaking to a student who may be interested in taking the workshop gives her thoughts about if she’d take the workshop, and what she wants to achieve while there.


“Yes I would take the workshop, having a set idea about what I want to write about is what I’m trying to get from the workshop.” says Ava Ramos, an Arrowhead Senior.


If you choose to attend the workshop use the QR code or the URL listed on posters throughout the school, students can find some in the lunchroom or posted in the respected teacher’s classes.


Choosing a topic to write about can be a stressful experience. There’s so many things you can write about. 


Carnell says, “Be honest with yourself and showcase who you are. Be real, that’s impressive to see.”