The Boys Varsity Soccer Season Begins


The 2022 season for the Arrowhead Boys Soccer teams began at the end of August. 


G.R.I.T is the motto of the program for the 2022 season. This stands for “Get Ready It’s Time.”


Several of Varsity’s players graduated last year. This year’s team and starting lineup consists of Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students. According to a current player on the team, 16 are first year Varsity players. 


Arrowhead claimed the Classic 8 Conference title last year, and the team is hoping to again this season. Arrowhead’s final conference game this year is October 10th, at KMHS.


Kieran Dwyer, Arrowhead Junior and Varsity Boys Soccer Player, says, “Our goal as a team is to win the conference, it will be tough but definitely possible.” 


The team has experienced wins, losses and ties so far this season. 


“The atmosphere around the team this year is great and we are really excited to hopefully be back at the State Tournament again this year,” says Alec Behringer, Arrowhead Sophomore and Varsity Boys Soccer Player.


Varsity is coached by Jeff Staus, Head Coach, and Mark Leoni, Assistant Coach.

Arrowhead Boys Soccer has three teams in addition to Varsity. These teams are Varsity Reserve (VR), Junior Varsity (JV), and Junior Varsity 2 (JV2).


Sierra Mattano-Thomas, an Arrowhead Senior, gives a fan perspective on the games, “I have gone to plenty of the home soccer games this year, and their improvement is very noticeable and their hard work is as well. When they score, it’s always a great celebration on the field and in the stands, which I love because it makes the environment so much more enjoyable.”


This season’s schedule and game results can be located here.


Whenever I watch other sports, there seems to always be a person that stands out from the rest, but with the soccer team, everyone seems to work together to score and win, and not just use one singular person. This is a dynamic that I love to watch because everyone gets a chance to succeed, says Thomas.

Tickets for upcoming home games can be purchased by following the information here