Excitement Grows as Students Learn About New Classes.

There are many different classes and electives at Arrowhead High School.  Current students describe their favorite classes as “exciting,” “fun,” “hands-on,” and “interesting.”  

AHS Sophomore Lily Puetzer says what makes an enjoyable class is, “Doing engaging activities and having a teacher that is entertaining.  For example, my AP Lang class.”  

To sign up for your classes, Arrowhead students go to the Arrowhead website, click on the Skyward icon in the top right, click “schedule” then “request courses”.  Now, students should be able to choose the courses you are most interested in.  

AHS Freshman Nolan Klingele says his favorite class is “Math because it is an overall fun math class to be in with the teacher Mr. Fecher and my friends.”  

Students may switch classes six days after the first day of school.  Some classes require a different amount of credits.  Each class has either one or two credits.  To receive these credits, you must pass the class.  To see this, go to “Course Information and Selection” on the Arrowhead website.  Then click on the course guide.  If you scroll to page 6, you will see the requirement for credits in order to graduate.  You must have at least fifty credits.  

AHS differs from other schools in the variety of classes.  Arrowhead’s motto is, “There is something for everyone.”  There are electives, such as 2D Design, Digital Photography, Journalism, Business and Marketing, Engineering, and so on.  AHS freshman Donovan Shallue, says, “My favorite class is Math with Mr Fecher as well because it is a fun class and I enjoyed hanging out with friends and challenging myself to new math problems..”