Senior Graduation Party Plans

The senior class of 2022 graduated on Saturday, June 4th, 2022 at 5 pm. After seniors graduated high school, graduation parties commenced. 


The seniors try to space their parties out from each other to avoid conflict of people having the same party on the same day/time.


Seniors had many different ways to invite their guests and friends. Some posted on Snapchat sending out a mass invite to whoever saw it. Some sent their invitations in the mail or just told friends in person. 


According to senior Olivia Fladhammer, most of the parties are held in June and are typically three to four hours long. 


Senior and foreign exchange student Ricardo Colantropo held his graduation and going away party the day after graduation on Sunday, June 5th. It was an open house where people could come and go. There was food and drinks and games to play in the backyard as the weather held up.


He invited his friends that he met from school along with some of his host mom’s friends that he met while here. 


Colantropo is from Italy and came to America to study abroad and stay with a host family. He leaves to fly back to Italy Sunday, June 26th. 


Fladhammer is having her graduation party Saturday the 11th from one to four pm. Fladhammer said she will have snacks and drinks for her guests to enjoy.  


Fladhammer says, “The weather looks nice that day so I hope it holds up so my party can be a success.”