AHS Seniors Prepare for the End of the School Year


An email was sent to seniors by Director of Library Media and Technology Donna Smith. In the email Smith reviewed important information about what seniors should be doing before they graduate.


She mentioned four things: return Arrowhead materials and clean out lockers, pay any fines, create a personal email account, and create a copy of Arrowhead school work.


Senior Milan Blazek says, “There’s only a few more days left of school and I feel like there is a lot to do. I’m excited though, it’s a good feeling knowing that there’s a lot of new opportunities.” 


First thing seniors need to do is clean out any materials from lockers. This is both the school locker and the athletic locker. All lockers must be cleaned out by the last day of school, June 3rd. In the email, Smith says that any items left in the lockers will be disposed of or donated. 


The second item that seniors need to complete is paying any fines. Smith says that the front office keeps track of various fees such as courses, food service, textbook, and athletic fees. The library keeps track of books and computer fees.


If you’re a senior and have a younger sibling attending Arrowhead, your excess balances will automatically be transferred to their account. 


Third, seniors should create a personal email account. Seniors’ Arrowhead accounts will no longer be available after July 1st. Students should create one if they don’t have one.


Lastly, seniors need to make a copy of their Arrowhead school work. After July 1st seniors will not have access to their accounts. If you need help click here for instructions and here for a video.  


Smith says, “Enjoy your summer and best wishes to all of our graduating seniors!”