Staff’s Best Memories of the Class of 2022

Alex Stahl, Reporter

Seniors last day of high school is June 3rd. Graduation for seniors is June 4th. 


As seniors reminisce on their favorite moments and memories of high school, the staff here at Arrowhead also reminisce on what they will miss about the Class of 2022.


Anthony Christian, a teacher who works in the Engineering wing at Arrowhead said, “I think what I’ll miss most about your class is the creativity that students bring. There’s always seniors that stand out to me, I just love seeing the growth that comes.”


Christian teaches Metal Fabrication as well as Woods Production-1.


Janelle Hobbs, a math teacher at Arrowhead said, “I’ll miss how the seniors brought a lot of non-mathematical conversations to the class. My eighth hour definitely was eager to get off topic so I felt like I got to get to know my students on a deeper level.” 


Hobbs teaches Advanced Math and Stats-2 as well as Geometry. 


Many teachers honored the class of 2022 for their resistance throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Federick Rauch, an English teacher at Arrowhead said, “I’m just proud of the class of 2022 for being so resilient. You have Covid when you were sophomores, masks when you were juniors, and a semi-normal senior year. It says a lot about your class as you seniors have a ton of energy and are really positive for the vast majority.”


Rauch teaches Modern Literature as well as English 9 at South Campus.


Jennifer Passler, another English teacher, also mentioned the pandemic and this class. She says, “I respect a lot of you guys for pushing through what you guys went through. You got up, came here everyday, even when everything was messy and bad. I admire that this class has been able to maintain kindness and just be upbeat.”


Passler teaches British Literature and American Literature.


Maralynn Markano, who works in the english department and the leader of the drama department said, “CARING….that is how I will remember this class. As one of THE MOST CARING group of kids.  Caring for others, like Mitchell and Sam and so many others! Caring for that athlete who got carried across the finish line by teammates.  Caring for each other during Covid and other personal struggles and losses.”


Finally, Ronald Reichle, a social studies teacher at Arrowhead said, “I’m just so proud of the students who battle through things and still turn out to be a good person. Especially with Covid. There are obviously people who took advantage and turned into absolute toads but the good people always stand out more.”


Reichle teaches Western Civ. and AP-European History.


Once again, congratulations to the class of 2022!