Seniors Give Tips To The Class of 2023

Ava Lillesand, reporter

Graduation for class of 2022 is June fourth. Seniors will spend their last week of school finishing exams, projects, and going through their last days at Arrowhead. Many of these seniors have been Arrowhead students for the last four years, but others transferred throughout the last four years. What they all have in common is that they are about to finish their senior year of high school. Here are some tips the seniors wanted to leave behind for the class of 2023, and every other senior class to come. 


Ally Merenkov, a senior, says, “Time flies by so fast, as much as school may be boring, you only have so many days left here. Make the most of the time you have. Meet new people, go to sports events, homecoming, prom, etc. You will be so thankful you went to social events.” 


There are many social events throughout the year, dances, sporting events, and Hawksfest.


Jenna Emons, a senior, says, “I’m so glad I joined forensics. I met a lot of great people and I had some amazing experiences.” 


The seniors last day is Friday, June third and the senior party is that night. 


Athena Mcsorely, a senior, says, “I’m excited to go forward in my life, but I will never forget my time here at Arrowhead. The goodbye is bittersweet.”