Passler Earns Brewers Grand Slam Teacher of the Month Award

Addrian Mendoza, reporter

AHS Language Arts Teacher Jennifer Passler was nominated for the Milwaukee Brewers’ “Grand Slam Teacher of the Month Award” by senior Adia Sanden. Sanden wrote the essay in her creative writing class and then submitted it to the competition.

On a monthly basis, U.S. Cellular and the Milwaukee Brewers honor one deserving teacher with the Brewers Grand Slam Teacher of the Month award.

Milwaukee Brewers fans nominate a teacher who they feel has had a considerable impact on the lives of the children in their community.

 You can complete the online nomination form here if you wish to nominate a teacher.

The Milwaukee Brewers share this message: “All nominations for 2022 award recipients must be received by November 30, 2022. Nominations for a given month’s award must be received by the last day of the immediately preceding month (for example, by January 31 for the February award).”

A teacher can be nominated at any grade level but must be older than 18 and a resident of Wisconsin.

If a nominee does not accept the award within the span of 72 hours of notification from the Milwaukee Brewers, the Milwaukee Brewers may select a different nominee as the award recipient.

Award recipients need to complete certain documentation, such as a certificate of eligibility, liability release, publicity release (except where prohibited by law), photo/image waiver and release, and authorization for a background check.

Sanden had written the essay during her Creative Writing class.

Below is an excerpt from Sanden’s essay:


“My life seemed to be moving too fast. I could never seem to catch my breath or slow down even for a second.  That’s when I walked into my first day of British Literature. I dreaded another heavy workload and just another class to be stressed about. Mrs. Passler stood in front of the class and although she wore a mask, I could tell there was the brightest smile on her face.  The first thing we talked about was mental health. I was confused at first because I was not used to this. This was an English class and no other teacher I have had had taken class time to talk about their student’s health. On the first day, she asked us to close our eyes and take deep breaths. Even these couple minutes of relaxation and mindfulness saved the rest of my day.”


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Katina Shaw, Vice President and Community Relations of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club stated in her email to Passler, “Thank you for your hard work, commitment to excellence, and your role in building a better future for students.”

The Milwaukee Brewers recognized Passler during pre-game at the Brewers vs. Nationals game on Saturday, May 21, 2022. 

Passler will receive two tickets digitally, and her photo will be posted on Milwaukee Brewer’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Also, Passler will receive a goody bag that will include an official Milwaukee Brewers Grand Slam Teacher of the Month certificate and a bag filled with Brewers memorabilia. 

AHS Creative Writing teacher Elizabeth Jorgensen says to keep your eye on the Milwaukee Brewer’s Facebook and Twitter pages for the official announcement.

Jorgensen said, “Congrats to both Adia and Mrs. Passler for this honor!”