Arrowhead Seniors Wear College Gear

On the Instagram account arrowheadseniors2022, a poll was given to seniors to choose the date for this year’s college apparel day. 


The options included on the poll were May 17th, May 20th, and June 3rd. Of these options, May 17th was the overwhelming winner among the senior class. 


On May 9th, North Campus Associate Principal Becky Gordon sent an email out to the class of 2022 confirming the college gear day. She said, “Mark your calendars so we can see where you will be going once you graduate from AHS and get excited for the next chapter of your lives!” 


According to Senior Cali Hebst, “I saw a lot of kids wearing their college apparel, if I had to guess I would say more than half of the seniors.” 


In principal Adam Kurth’s week in review he said, on “5/17 Seniors [are] wearing postgraduate plan shirts [and so] STAFF, wear alma mater attire.”


Junior Abby Vorpagel said. “I saw a massive amount of seniors wearing college apparel from UW- Madison, La-Crosse, Alabama, and Minnesota.” 


Here are a few seniors’ responses to how they are feeling about the upcoming school year.


Senior Nick Catina said, “I was excited to wear my college apparel and see where everyone else is going. I’m going to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. I am really excited for a change of pace.” 


Senior Anna Tweeden said, “Next year I will be attending UW-Madison. I am really excited to meet new people and gain a new sense of independence.” 


Senior Montell Carter said “I’m attending Ferris State University next year. I can’t wait to see what happens next after Arrowhead.”