Devil’s Lake was a Hot Spot for Senior Skip Day


Senior skip day was held on Monday, May 16th, where all seniors did not show up for school because they did other things to spend their final days as a senior. This was not a school sponsored event. 


This day was picked by the AHS Gators which is a group of seniors who are incharge of hyping the crowd up at football games, pep rallys, and many of Arrowhead’s events. The Gators also pick the themes for the games that people attend and they help by making sure everyone comes out and supports everyone’s sports. 


The Gators started by putting a poll on instagram back in April asking which day students would like the skip day to be held. The original day was for Friday, May 20th but that conflicted with a lot of seniors for they were already going to be missing the school day for the physics field trip to six flags. So the gators moved the senior skip day to Monday, May 16 which was convenient for most because prom was that weekend leading up to the 16th. 


Lot of seniors decided to go up to Devil’s lake for the day. Three seniors Hayley Hunt, Tierny Ordawy, and Shannon Dwyer were some of the many that went up there for the day where they hiked, swam, had lunch, and hung out on the beach. 


Dwyer said it was really fun and allowed a nice break for her and her friends after prom. She said to start their adventure off they hiked two to three hours on the rocks and such they have there and beforehand the girls packed a picnic and ate lunch up there and spent two hours on one of the beaches they have. 


Ordway says, “I think it’s a fun tradition for seniors and was a perfect day to go because the weather was so beautiful.”


Another senior Gabriella Urban went with her friends and enjoyed the weather and day up there. 


Senior Alex Stahl went to Parfrey’s Glen and hiked all the way to the end of the trail where she saw the waterfall. She did this  right before heading over to Devil’s Lake where she then spent the day there hiking, and hammocking and along with Dwyer, Ordway, and Hunt, Stahl and her friends brought a picnic to enjoy.