All About Mikayla Turner: A Senior Profile


Arrowhead current senior, Mikayla Turner, says, “I am going to miss some of the people and teachers that are at this school, but [I’m] more excited to start a new chapter of my life.”


Turner is currently involved in the yearbook. “I helped take pictures throughout the year and helped organize the book.” Yearbooks were $55 and passed out on May 25th, 2022. Turner worked amongst the rest of the yearbook class, collecting pictures and 


Next year, she plans on attending work full time. She’s not sure what she plans to do with her life quite yet, but she says she, “plans on working full time at HAWS and shadowing the different departments to help me with what I want to do in the future.”


Outside of academics, she loves doing art. Turner is currently, “working really hard at work.”


Here are Mikayla’s three current favorites:

Favorite Movie: How To Train Your Dragon 

Favorite Song: R4v3 B0y 

Favorite Song Artist: S3RL 


Turner works at HAWS in Waukesha. Here she works about 20 hours each week. Turner makes $9 an hour.


With school ending for seniors on June 3rd, Turner says, “I feel like most people are saying that they are excited to leave and get out, but deep down inside they’re scared and it will be hard when the day actually comes.”


Turner’s advice to freshmen would be this: “Save as much money as you can now and focus on your grades. Most friendships never last and you have to learn to move on even though it hurts.”


When asked about college clubs, Turner responds, “I really really want to join volleyball in college.”