All About Jackie Peddie: A Profile of a Senior


Arrowhead current senior, Jackie Peddie, says, “I cannot wait to finally discover the world of adulthood.”


Peddie is currently involved in choir and has performed in the state championship barbershop competition. Their barbershop group placed second in the treble category. They want to continue singing outside of high school and possibly get into music therapy.


Next year, they plan on attending UW-Milwaukee. They want to major in psychology and minor in music. They are planning on getting into the premed program to continue their schooling. 


Outside of academics, they love their two cats. The cats’ names are Joseph and Krissy and one celebrated his 18th birthday this year. Peddie has recently been introduced to art therapy and has tried to practice everyday to lower stress. They learned about art therapy through going to psychology and human relation classes at Arrowhead. 


Here are Jackie’s three current favorites:

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the the Goblet of Fire

Favorite Song: Rager Teenager! By Troye Sivan

Favorite Song Artist: Still Woozy


Peddie works at Bath and Body Works in Delafield. Here they work about 12 hours each week. Peddie makes $12 an hour. Jackie says, “the constant smell of candles gives me a headache but it’s a pretty good job nonetheless.”


With school ending for seniors on June 3rd, Peddie says, “I’m most definitely going to miss the staff, as well as the friends I know I won’t see outside of school.”


Peddie’s advice to freshmen would be this: “Take risks! Wear that outfit you’ve always wanted to wear, ask that person out, talk to that person in class you’ve always thought was cool.”


When asked about college clubs, Peddie says, “I would love to be more involved with clubs in college. If it sounds interesting to me then I will try to go to a meeting to see if I like it.”