Arrowhead Teachers Required to File Senior Failure Notices

The last day of school for seniors is June third. In order to determine who graduates, teachers are required to report any failing grades for seniors in their classes. These failures must be absolute failures, meaning the student has no way to bring the grade above failing. 


Adam Kurth, principal says, “It is imperative that we are able to determine who is eligible to participate in graduation as soon as possible.”


If a failure notice is not recorded, the student will graduate. Classes that are essential to graduation are the top priority senior failure notice. These will determine whether or not a student can graduate. 


Jenna Emons, a senior, says “I did not know the school had these. I am not worried that I will receive one, but I would really advise those who are on the brink of a failing grade to really put in all the work they can. I would hate to have one grade determine whether or not I can graduate with my class.” 


Teachers and counselors were made known of this by the weekly principal’s week in review that is shared with all staff. 


These student failure notices are due June third and the paper forms are by the teacher mailboxes in the main office at North campus.