Freedom: Class of 2022 Prepares for Senior Year

Emily Hollern, reporter

As, according to the Arrowhead website, the last day of school for freshman, sophomores, and juniors is June 11th, juniors who have spent the last year with the seniors at north campus begin to think about their senior year, which will start in roughly three months.The first day of school in the 2022-2023 school year will be September first, found on a printable calendar that can be accessed here. 


Junior Nathanael Zabel is excited for senior year. “I’m excited to get out of here, honestly,” Zabel says. “I’m not so excited for my AP classes–AP Stats–but I did sign up for a gym class and two art classes I actually wanted to take.”


Another junior, Roo Lemerond, is also excited to leave high school. “I’m almost done, and I’m looking forward to it. I didn’t sign up for many classes, so I don’t even have to be at the school a lot,” they say. “Really the only emotion I feel is ‘finally.’”


Both Lemerond and Zabel have started to look at colleges. According to, high schoolers should start looking for colleges they may be interested in by junior year.


Lemerond plans to go to MIAD, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. “I have a trip scheduled in June to go to MIAD,” they say. “I would really like to go there for college. I want to be an illustrator.”


The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design is a four-year private college of visual arts and designs. The enrollment cost of the 2022-2023 school year is $39,380 for the entire year, not including room and board or additional costs for materials. MIAD also offers internships.


Zabel, on the other hand, has already chosen which college he is attending. “I’m going to WCTC,” he says. “I’m getting two associate’s degrees in a combined program of both Architecture and Interior Design. I will also be doing an internship there.”


Waukesha County Technical College, WCTC, is a community college that offers many technical degrees, such as engineering, architecture, and more. WCTC claims to “prepare students for the global economy,” and its average cost per credit is $143, including materials.


Both Zabel and Lemerond look forward to graduating next year, for the same reason they are excited for senior year itself: freedom. “I’m so excited to get out of here,” says Zabel. “I barely have any good memories of school.”


Lemerond agrees. “I’m too old to be asking permission to go to the bathroom. I’m excited for freedom.”