Students Participate in Final ACE Lesson For the Year

Arrowhead students completed the final Academic and Career Exploration (ACE) Lesson on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Students completed the lesson at the beginning of the extended third hour at both campuses. 


During the lesson, students shared their feedback to Arrowhead on feeling prepared for their academic career plans for the future.


The freshmen and sophomores had the same lesson, while juniors had their own lesson. 


The freshmen and sophomores started out the ACE lesson with spending time on “Xello” adding information about themselves to the “experiences. They spent about ten to fifteen minutes on “Xello” adding work, school, and life experiences to their account to help them out in the future. Adding the experiences will help students in the future when writing their resume for jobs. 


Mia DeAnglis, sophomore, said, “It was fine. I didn’t really get anything out of it and ended up playing on my phone.” 


The juniors received the senior checklist for what they would need to accomplish senior year in order to graduate in june of 2023. They spent time going over what jobs will help them in their careers and went over the requirements for graduation. Students also were informed on completing their senior profiles and college essays for applications. 


The lesson’s are different for the grades as the freshmen and sophomores are behind the juniors in the academic career exploration process. 


Students are getting ready for their final exams taking place from June 8th through June 10th, 2022. Students can use study schedules to make sure they are ready and prepared for their exams.