Students Favorite Memories From the 2021-2022 School Year

Hayley Winser, reporter

With only four school days left from seniors, and nine  for freshman, sophomore, and juniors (as of Friday, May 27th) the school year is nearly over. As the school 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, students and teachers are reflecting on the most memorable parts of the year. 


Some of students favorite assignments include the following:  


Sophomore Alexa Jarvis says,“I liked going to Six Flags for Physics class, and the project that went along with it. I also liked my research project for English.” 


Sophomore Hannah Arabiyat says,“I liked a project I did in my Biology class. I also liked my 2D design class.” 


Sophomore Anya Kashevarof says, “The Dollars and Sense marriage assignment was really interesting and enjoyable.”


Sophomore Maggie Flynn says,“The wellness center for Med Terms was really fun. The field trip for health occupations where we went to the fire station was also super fun.” 


Some of students most memorable moments include the following: 


Flynn says,“Football season was super fun, I was with my friends all the time. I think homecoming was really enjoyable.” 


Arabiyat says, “Homecoming was the most memorable day for me, and the week leading up to homecoming. I also had a really good track season and enjoyed practices.” 


Kashevarof says,“I liked going to sports games this year, my favorites were football and basketball games. I had a lot of fun at homecoming too.” 


Sophomore Skylar Marshall says,“This was my first year at Arrowhead, so the first day of school was the most memorable for me. I also had a lot of fun at all the football games with my friends.”