Physics Class Takes Trip to Great America

About 302 students in grades ten through twelve that are in physics went to Six Flags on Friday May 20th to take data about the height and how it affect the roller coaster to finish a final lab in the class. Students had to take data but were also able to enjoy the roller coasters themselves. The bus from Arrowhead left at 8:00am and arrived back again at 6:00 pm.


Before this trip took place, students were given golden cards to give to teachers to sign giving an okay to go on the trip. Physics teacher Brian Corry had students do this because this trip may already put a burden on teachers and he wanted to prevent that from happening. The gold cards gave teachers time to prepare for how many students would be absent. 


If teachers knew they were going to have to sign a lot of cards, they were able to put their name on a spreadsheet, giving the okay that any student that needs that teacher’s permission. That way the teachers can avoid signing a million cards. 


Sophomore Sara Pfieffer is in a physics and engineering block class and she said, “I am really looking forward to going to be with my friends but I do not like roller coasters.” 


Pfieffer, after the trip occurred, said she passed out for a total of about 15 times on the roller coasters but additionally says that, “Despite the passing out part I would totally go back because that was a lot of fun.”


Sophomore Elisabeth Wurster said prior to the trip, “I am super excited to go because I love roller coasters and think it will be a fun break from school.”


Wurster follows up after the trip with as much excitement as had left. 


Sophomore Noelle Urban prior to the trip said, “I am not excited to be doing school while there but it should be fun either way.”


Urban also followed up after the trip and said she had a blast and loved getting to witness her friend passing out.