Seniors’ Most Memorable High School Memories

Alex Stahl, Reporter

School ends for seniors on June 3, 2022. As their final year of high school comes to a close, seniors reflect back on their favorite memories and moments of the last four years. 


Nataile Berens, a senior said, “My most memorable moment was freshman year being on the volleyball team. I got to make friends with people I didn’t think I would be friends with, [and we] also beat the other freshman team which was cool because everyone thought we wouldn’t be able to do it.”


Many students at Arrowhead take part in sports or clubs. Some don’t stay in sports all four years, and some do. Students can sign up to play a sport any year of school. 


Hunter Dora, a senior, tried out for the varsity hockey team senior year. He said, “My most memorable memory of high school making the hockey team. I had been working at the varsity team all four years [and] it felt like my hard work had paid off.”


Sports isn’t the only thing Arrowhead offers to students. Arrowhead also has a drama department, which puts on two plays per year: one in the fall and one in the spring. The plays are open to anyone to try out to, and some seniors took part in the plays.


Vivian Powers, a senior said, “My most memorable high school experience was being in Les Mes. I played Cosette, a female lead. I had never been in a high school musical production and I had the opportunity and now we get to perform in Madison cause we won outstanding musical.”


Les Mes won a Jerry Award for most outstanding musical.

The Jerry Awards is one of Wisconsin’s High School Musical Award Programs. The entire cast is going to the Overture Center in Madison on June 12th to perform a song from the show as a way of accepting the award.


Arrowhead also offers clubs that students can join. Some seniors found their most memorable moments there. Zach Smith, a senior said, “Sophomore year I went to Washington DC for JSA Winter Congress. It was fun to talk to people not from Arrowhead at this convention, and I met a lot of new people who I consider myself very close with.”


JSA (Junior State of America) is a club that meets to discuss politics, current events, and it gives a safe space to have their voices heard. 


Besides sports, clubs and fine arts, other seniors found their most memorable high school moments in other things. Senior Ainslee Englehardt said, “Spirit weeks were always my favorite, I loved dressing up. My favorite theme was definitely hawaiian.”


Seniors found their most memorable moments in many different things that Arrowhead, Congratulations, Class of 2022!