All About Hope Stiverson

Alex Stahl, Reporter

Hope Stiverson is a senior and says she is “ready to end high school.”


In the fall, Stiverson is attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is majoring in Psychology and English. In addition to UW-Madison, Stiverson also applied to Iowa State, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and Mizzou. 


Stiverson transferred to Arrowhead at the beginning of her senior year. Previously, she attended Lake Country Lutheran (LCL) High School in Hartland. 


Stiverson said, “I transferred because LCL is a lot of money, and I wanted to have a bigger grade.” Stiverson had a class of 100 people at LCL compared to a class of about 500 at Arrowhead. Tuition at LCL is priced at $11,200 per year.


At LCL, Stiverson was a part of Stuco, which is the student council. At Arrowhead, Stiverson was not a part of any sports or clubs. 


Outside of school, Stiverson enjoys hanging out with friends, and working.


Stiverson works at Shorehaven in Oconomowoc. Shorehaven is a nursing home and Stiverson is a homemaker, she serves food, cleans, and talks to residents. Stiverson also just started working at Starbucks in Pewaukee. “I just started training there so I haven’t learned much yet.”


When asked how her senior year is going, she said, “It’s going good, my favorite part has definitely been the memories I’ve made with friends.” 


With high school coming to a quick close, Stiverson’s advice to freshmen is to “cherish your time in high school, it goes by so fast.