Arrowhead’s Senior Skip Day

Lindsay Martin, Reporter

On May 16, 2022, many Arrowhead seniors participated in the tradition of skipping school.  The date for the skip day was voted for on instagram @arrowheadclassof2022.  It was originally going to be Friday, May 20; however, the physics classes are attending Six Flags for a field trip that day and would not have been able to participate.


According to Becky Gordon, Arrowhead’s North Campus Associate Principal, “there were 476 seniors out for one reason or another on Monday.”  There are a total of 545 seniors at Arrowhead.


Alex Stahl is a current Arrowhead senior.  She and three of her friends participated in the skip day together by going to Devil’s Lake State Park, including a hike and a picnic.  They ended the night with grabbing dinner in downtown Baraboo, the town that houses Devil’s Lake. 


Stahl says that skipping the day did not pose any academic stress because she has been staying current with her assignments, projects, and other work.  She says she is “extremely” happy with her choice to participate in Senior Skip Day and says “it was such a fun and wonderful day.”


Katherine Daniel is also a senior. She participated in Senior Skip Day by making last minute plans with her friends to go to the Gurnee Mills Shopping Mall.  Daniel says she has school work to make up, but is overall content with her decision to participate.


Arrowhead senior Kyle Staus celebrated skip day by heading down to Chicago with his friends.  He says, “it was an action packed day and (I) didn’t miss much school as many of my classes are AP and we are just unwinding after the AP testing.”


However, not all students chose to participate in the annual event.


Katryna Evans is a current senior at Arrowhead, who opted out of Senior Skip Day because she “didn’t have anywhere else to go but (she) still wanted to keep (herself) busy.”  She also appreciated the ability to spend some time with her friends who are juniors before she graduates.  Evans was also able to work ahead on a few final study guides and projects.


Students returned to school on Tuesday, May 17, to continue the journey to graduation on June 4.