Arrowhead Culinary Students Compete in a Cupcake War

Ava Lillesand, Reporter

For the next three weeks, Arrowhead culinary students will be competing in “Cupcake Wars”.
This competition takes place in the north campus culinary class. This competition has been going
on for the last eight years. This year’s competition will take place in the North Campus teacher’s
lounge on May 11th at 9:35 and May 12th at 12:30. Every student in the class will be competing.

Brenda King, FACE teacher, says, “ Students are competing against other groups within their
class and we use three to four judges for each class.”

The culinary students are given three weeks prior to the judging to work on their recipes. They
start on sugar cookies and work their way up to the cupcakes.

King says, “Groups are judged on their skill and table design as well as their cupcake

The judges are Arrowhead staff members who volunteer to help out.

King says, “I usually have some little prize or treat for the top two groups in each class. They
also earn serious bragging rights, which is really what they are after.”