Arrowhead’s Student Safety Notifications

Lucy Duchac and Autumn Treml

After an alert about a potential threat on prom was sent out to Arrowhead staff and parents, many students wonder why they are not receiving emails about their own safety. 


A Skyward alert was sent out in response to Arrowhead staff and administration threats, made by an Arrowhead janitor. 


On May 4th, 2022 a Skyward alert was sent to parents and staff saying “Arrowhead administrators were informed that a threat of violence toward…prom was intercepted by the FBI through electronic communications. Arrowhead administrators have not been able to view this communication, but the threat was allegedly from a student who was educated on Arrowhead’s campus until the fall of 2020. The matter has been investigated by the FBI, with cooperation from the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department, and determined not to be a valid threat toward the safety of our students/Arrowhead’s prom.” The alert ended in “Thank you for your continued support and concern for our students and school.”


Laura Myrah, the school’s superintendent says, “depending on the topic and timing involved, most of the messages are cooperatively developed by multiple administrators, while other messages I independently develop and email out.  At times, the content of a notification is even reviewed by our legal counsel to ensure there is no breach of confidentiality involved.”


Many Arrowhead students feel they should be alerted as well along with their parents being alerted. 


Oliver Lee, an Arrowhead senior, found out about the prom threat through communication with a past Arrowhead student. 


In regards to his feelings towards not receiving alerts, Lee says, “I feel unhappy and unsafe. Personally, my parents never share these threats with me, so I am left with no knowledge of any potential danger. I understand the desire to prevent mass panic, but I believe in the right to make informed decisions; students coming to school without the knowledge of any threats to said school is not an informed decision.”

Myrah says that Arrowhead students are not receiving these emails because there are “students at Arrowhead of all different ages. In fact, [there have been] students as young as nine years old within our student population. Some sensitive matters are better left for parents to explain and discuss with their children if and as they see fit versus me or other administrators deciding what information should be shared with which age groups.”


With this, however, Myrah says “if there is an immediate threat/danger to our students, staff, and school, all would be notified in a very timely manner through the public address(PA) system or other appropriate means.”