Book Review: “People We Meet On Vacation” by Emily Henry

Allison Merenkov

I am someone who struggles with starting a book and then being able to finish it without getting tired of it. But “People we meet on Vacation” was the first book in years that has kept my attention. I thought this book would be just a regular romance with no twists or turns but it turned out to be unpredictable. I am so glad that I found this book and now my new favorite author, Emily Henry.


The plot of the novel is unlike anything that I have read. It kept me reading it at all times of the day. The two main characters, Poppy and Alex were best friends since college and every summer they would go on a vacation together until they had a huge falling out at the beginning of the novel. It has been two years since Poppy and Alex have spoken. Poppy ends up working for a travel magazine after college in New York and Alex works in their hometown as a teacher. Poppy gets to pick the next place that the magazine visits. With the talk of travel, she realizes that she hasn’t spoken to Alex since their fight. That night she texted him “hey,” and they started a conversation that led to her asking if he would come on this trip with her, it takes some convincing but he finally agrees. 


One thing that I really enjoyed about this book that made it super different than other romance novels that I have read in the past is that it is a spin-off of the super popular movie “When Harry Met Sally.” They have known each other for years but have never actually taken the step to try and be with one another. This book isn’t a brainless romance novel like the ones that I have read. It actually has depth within it and is about the value of friendship more than anything else.


They now have a full week of a very relaxing vacation in Palm Springs, except there is still a very large secret that Poppy is keeping from Alex. Will she spill the secret before their vacation comes to an end and have the possibility of ruining their friendship forever?


This book was a 10/10 for me. Watching the connection that these two have and how they grow their relationship and friendship is very relatable and keeps you on your toes!