Teachers Given Food for Teacher Appreciation Week

Lucy Duchac and Autumn Treml

May 2 through 6, 2022, has been proclaimed Teacher Appreciation Week by State Superintendent Underly and by Governor Evers; subsequently, this week marked Arrowhead’s Teacher Appreciation Week. NHS members as well as student senate members, administrators, and principal worked to thank the Arrowhead teachers and staff for all their hard work. 


David Zhou, an Arrowhead senior, says that teacher appreciation is important because “despite their continuous work to help educate the next generation, their efforts often go unappreciated. This week helps bring awareness to the work they do, and also enables us students to express our appreciation for them.”


The week began with the student senate providing Crumbl Cookies on Monday, May 2nd. The week continued with pizza on Tuesday, May 3rd, and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches from 10:30 am – 8:00 pm at the Delafield location. On Wednesday, May 4th, Admin provided bundt cakes. SLAM and the Activities office supplied bagels on Thursday, May 5th, with doughnuts on Friday, May 6th. In an email to the teachers and staff of Arrowhead, Adam Kurth, our school principal declared the event as “THE WEEK OF FOOD FOR TEACHERS.”


Abby Sinitz, an Arrowhead senior and member of student senate says, “the Student Senate Executive Board, created a graphic that was emailed out to all the teaches just telling them they could get the Crumbl on Monday, and the exec picked out where we were getting the food from.”


For NHS, Zhou says, “This was organized primarily by the NHS Teacher Appreciation officers Hannah Cabush and Alayna Judd, who helped organize students to write letters to the teachers and distribute the cakes.”


Apart from the food provided, the teachers received many emails of gratitude. 


Laura Myrah, Arrowhead’s superintendent, sent an email saying “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our teachers and ALL staff who work hard to make Arrowhead High School an amazing place for students and staff!”


Along with this, Kim Schubert, a member of the AHS board of education, sent teachers an email saying, “As today marks the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the high-quality educator team at Arrowhead High School, as well as the administrative team that guides and supports our teachers.


“Arrowhead is one of the best schools in the country. While this truly is my humble opinion, it is gratifying that US News and World Report shares my appraisal! While many factors contribute to the overall success of a school, it is clear that effective, committed, caring teachers play a huge role.”


Sinitz says that it is important to honor teachers this week because “Teachers are definitely very underappreciated and it’s nice to have a dedicated week where we can say thank you to them.”