Summer School 2022

This year’s summer school is scheduled from June 13th to July 21st. Each week will consist of four school days, which are Monday through Thursday. Due to it being a holiday, there will be no school on Monday, July 4th. 


Each class period will meet for two and a half hours for the full six weeks. Students may see specific times based on each class in the link below.  


The regular attendance policy will remain intact, leaving students with no more than two absences for any summer school class, unless the class is Adventure PE, then students are allowed no absences. 


“No student absence is excused from summer school for any reason other than an unforeseen emergency. Summer school students are expected to attend for the full-specified term of the course. “Every day and on time” apply to summer school,” says the 2022-2023 Arrowhead Course Guide, “Four ‘tardies’ are equal to one absence. If a student is tardy more than 20 minutes, the student is considered absent and expected to stay for the rest of class.”


An “F” will be given to students who do not follow these attendance policies. 


Students who drop a full credit course after the first week will also receive an “F”. However, if a student requests a drop within the first week, no penalty will be issued.


When asked about summer school, Jadon King, an Arrowhead freshman says, “I did not mind it, but it got in the way of my plans and it was a little boring. However, it was fun at the same time.”


Arrowhead current senior Paige Lundy says, “Summer school was crap. I live about 2.5 miles away and the class I needed was only available at the school, not online. I had to walk back and forth four days a week for six weeks straight because there were no buses that would take me back and forth.”


Class Times