Students Share Thoughts on Nerf Wars

Alex Stahl, Reporter


Nerf Wars are a tradition put on by the AHS gators, which is Arrowhead’s Pep team. The Gators are not an official AHS club.


With the first week at an end, and the second week coming to a close, people have differing opinions regarding the way the Nerf Wars are going.


The original way the game was played is that each round begins at 12:00 am Monday and goes until Saturday at 11:59 pm. This rule was changed mid-week when the Gators made a post on the Nerf Wars Instagram page, moving the rounds to end on Friday at 7pm.


This time change brought differing opinions. 


Sam Fenske, a senior said, “I don’t really care, I like it more because the team we were up against were our friends and we wanted to hang out with them.”


Other teams thought this change was unfair. 


Sydney Major, also a senior said, “With the time change it made it more difficult for us to get people out because the team we were playing against was gone on a field trip for two days, the other teammates that were at home weren’t doing anything. The time change for our team specifically made it harder for us to continue with the opposite team being difficult.” 


Major’s team was out after the first round. Her team members were Julia Seidl, Adia Sanden, Jordan Korpella, and Hailey Jaeckle. 


Fischer Luterbach said, “The time change is horrible, I hate it. There was no point in doing it, it was just so people could party. The weekend is the best time to do it. The management has been pretty bad this year, with the constant changes, and everytime I contact them about rules, they are no help.”


Lauren Dentz, a member of the gators explained why the time change occurred. She said, “We were getting a lot of complaints, a lot of teams asked to forfeit if we didn’t change the time, people were prohibited from hanging out with friends due to stress. Either way it seems we cannot make anyone happy.”


Other than the time change, everything else is the same since last year. 


Hunter Dora, a senior said, “It is really fun, but causes a lot of stress, but it allows me to be active and social.”


Major said, “It was fun, it just seems like the games are going weird this year, with people having parents get involved, people having weapons pulled at them. We just didn’t get to play a lot due to the team we were playing.”


Some seniors not playing Nerf Wars also have opinions on it. 


Nolan Carrington said, “I personally think it’s stupid, causes a lot of unneeded drama in peoples lives. People take it to seriously, and you could get into legal trouble if you aren’t smart.”


What’s your opinion?