Students Welcome Last Full Month of School

Emily Hollern, Reporter

On Sunday, May arrived, which means the last full month of school is in session. According to the Arrowhead calendar, in seven weeks, all students will be released from school into summer break.


One junior at Arrowhead, Austin Doty, says, “I’m kinda excited for summer. I’m excited for school to end, however, I won’t have much more free time because I have summer school and my work hours will pick up. I’ll also have to start doing more lawn work, which will upset my allergies.”


Summer school is currently available for sign up. To access the sign up, students will need to log in to their Skyward accounts and then click the “Arena Scheduling” tab on the left side of the screen. Summer classes will then be displayed, and options to add them will as well. Some classes’ sign ups close earlier than others. Course offerings can be found here.


Summer School at Arrowhead runs from June 13 to July 21, 2022.


Doty already has plans for the beginning of summer. “I’m gonna relax, sleep in and stay up late, as well as making my workout routine more strenuous,” he says. 


He is also excited for summer because of the general rise in happiness when school ends. “I love the energy increase as the end of school draws closer,” Doty says. “It’s probably because the stress is lifting.”


According to a survey taken by the American Psychological Association, around 45% of teens said they were stressed by school pressures. As school ends, those pressures gradually lift until they are released for the summer.


Another junior, Addy Young, isn’t so excited for the break. “I’m not really excited. I’ve been so busy with work, and I’ll be  working double what I work now when break comes, and I’m running out of people to hang out with. A lot of my friends are busy,” she says. “When summer starts, I’m probably just going to work and sleep, really.”


Young works at the Picnic Basket in Hartland.


Young believes that the end of the school year is the most demanding time. “It’s a lot of work and stress. Most teachers are stressing about getting all their assignments graded and done, and students are stressing about finishing them,” she says.


Finals will last from June 8th to June 10th. Information has yet to be released on the specific times of exams.


Nathanael Zabel agrees. Zabel says, “There is a lot of stress at the end of the year, and a lot of pressure and expectations, especially with exams.”


But there is still an excited feeling in the air with each of these students. Young says, “I like the feeling of how far we’ve come by the end of the year, and I’m excited about the plans I get to make during the summer.”


Zabel agrees. “I’m absolutely looking forward to summer. My favorite part of the end of school is the happy feelings and high hopes that things are finally gonna be done for a couple months.”


According to the Arrowhead website, seniors graduate on June 4th. The last day of exams and school for freshmen, sophomores and juniors is June 10th.