An Arrowhead Senior Tradition: Nerf Wars

 Seniors at Arrowhead are finishing week one, April 25th through the 30th, of Nerf Wars. Nerf Wars takes place over the month of May.  The teams require five students or more, and they are separated into two brackets. These brackets can be found on the @NerfWars2022 Instagram page, only seniors of Arrowhead are allowed to follow this page. There is information on the AHSGATORS Instagram account as well. 


While in pursuit, if a student is “hit” with a nerf bullet they are out for the round, but the rest of the team can still compete. Students cannot play on school grounds or while the student is at work. Each team is matched with another team and the winner will move on. In order to join the game each team must pay a fee of $25. The competition will continue until one team is standing and they will win the prize of $250. In order to join the game each team must pay a fee of $25, which is the winning prize.  Teams can be co-ed. 


Senior Michael Zordani says, “I signed up to play the game and I am having so much fun with my teammates and opponents. The competition makes it so much fun, even though it comes at a risk, it is still fun.” 


The seniors must use the standardized bullets for their Nerf guns, and cannot modify it in any way, or get the extra large bullets. The only way they  can avoid being shot is by being naked. 

Administration and Deputy Matt Vanderboom sent out an email saying, “Depending on the citizen complaint and circumstance, law enforcement response can/will result in a citation, criminal charge referral, and/or arrest. I highly encourage all parents/guardians to have a conversation regarding the appropriate use of ‘toy weapons’ in a public setting.” There are risks as well when it comes to playing in this game such as Public Indecency Citation or Trespassing Citations. 


Senior Ally Merenekov says, “I know it comes at a risk, but this is something that has been going on for years and years and years. My friend’s older sister who is seven years older than us participated in it as well. The whole town knows this is going on so I feel like it should be normalized by now. It is just a fun thing for the seniors to do for their last month of school.”