30 AHS Student-Athletes Sign To Compete in College 2022

Addrian Mendoza, Reporter

AHS 2022 seniors Madeline Dohogne, Marina Evert, Anna Jenson, Mason McKellar, Ryan Mikoda, Brayden Arnett, Nicholas Blatnik, Jackson Walker, Collin Argue, Isabella Drake, Lucile Duchac, Jura Gerlach, Grant Wieczorek, Nathan Wilde, Joseph Okla, Langdon Gryglas, Luke Behringer, Enzo Bova, Mason Buss, James Duncan, Shannon Dwyer, Greta Hanson, Alaina Harper, Sophia Herriot, Sophie Illman, Madison Tolzman, Mitchell Mesenbrink, Morgan Neitzel, and Michael Zordani all signed to play a sport in college after their final high school year, 2022.


Illman plays volleyball and signed to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.


Illman says she was really excited to sign because it felt like everything she had worked so hard for was paying off and her dream was coming true.


Illman said her family was proud.


Illman recommends younger students who are trying to get recruited start their recruitment process early.


Illman says, “It’s very important to get a start on the process early on so you are able to communicate with colleges before they are deep into the process with another athlete, and the earlier you start the more understanding you have of the process to help you later on.”


Illman also thinks it’s important to put yourself out there. 


Illman says, “Don’t be scared of failure or rejection because it will happen, just put yourself out there and try your hardest.”


Duchac does Cross Country and will be attending the  University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.


Duchac says she is excited to continue athletics through her college career and was interested in the difference between college and high school sports.


Duchac says, “They were a bit hesitant, as nobody in our family has ever competed collegiately before.”


Duchac says, “But they were very happy for me. “


Duchac recommends picking a school based on academics first, then finding out if the person truly wants to attend the school.


Duchac says competing should be viewed as a “bonus.”


Herriot will be competing in Track and Field and Pole Vault for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Herriot stated that the signing date was key for her signing in the first place. If the date was different, Herriot would have waited.


Herriot credits her dad and says, “My dad is the one who told me when the signing was as he is my head coach.”


Herriot’s advice is to go the extra mile because it will be worth it.


Herriot recommends that you make that a goal as early as possible.


Herriot thinks anyone is capable of signing if they are willing to put in the work, which she says is a lot more work than people think. 


Herriot believes that this doesn’t just mean showing up when you’re supposed to, to things like ACC in the off-season and during summer.


Herriot uses herself as an example of what she is talking about, “For me, it means being at school until six or seven pm when my practice starts at three multiple times a week. It meant joining another sport to get better at the one I signed for. It meant driving to the Petit every weekend my sophomore year from November through March to run 10 200s because I wanted to be in the 4×400 that spring.”


Bova signed to the Milwaukee School of Engineering to play collegiate soccer.


Bova says he was thrilled: “I really wanted to go to MSOE, so when the coach told me that he wanted me to play there, I was ecstatic.”


Bova’s parents helped him with the college process and were there when Bova was asked to play there. His parents were expecting it, but in the end, they were proud and relieved because the process was stressful and time-consuming.


Bova recommends being persistent and consistent with whoever you are in contact with. 


Bova says, “You must know what you want and you must be able to show that to the coaches. Also, you must have the grades and the right mentality.”


Bova shares inspiration to all student-athletes that wish to be in his shoes: “Enjoy the process.”