2022 Graduation Speeches

An email was sent out by Associate Principal Becky Gordan on Tuesday, April 12, regarding the 2022 Graduation speeches. 


Graduation is on Saturday, June 4th at 7:30 pm. 


The deadline to sign up is Monday, May 2nd. Students need to sign up with administrative assistant to the principal Jennifer Justice in the main office. She will then give further information and details about the speech including judging criteria and speech length. 


In the email Gordan says, “Begin planning, preparing and rehearsing if you are interested in giving a speech at graduation.”


On Thursday, May 19th, try-outs for graduation speeches will begin. This will be held in room 201 after school at 2:45 pm at North Campus. In previous years, two to three graduating seniors were given the opportunity to give up to a three-minute speech at the graduation ceremony. 


Last year’s Arrowheads 2021 graduation speakers were seniors: Charlie Fahey, Nora Vogt, and Ali Beneker. They all spoke on different aspects of high school. The topics were Optimism (Charlie Fahey), Tradition of Excellence (Nora Vogt), and Unprecedented (Ali Beneker). 


Last year former Principal Mr. Wieczorek said that the decision is made by looking at the theme/focus, clarity of thought, presentation of idea, creativity, technical qualities, and time of the speech as a whole.


Senior Marina Evert says, “I’m excited for graduation and all the end of the year activities. I went last year to graduation and enjoyed what the speakers said. I can’t wait for what people are going to say this year.”