Local Businesses Search for Student Employees

Ava Lillesand and Sophie Illman

With school and sports coming to an end many students are starting to have more free time, and many are looking for summer jobs. Some students are looking to get a job that relates to their major so they can start their experience as early as possible, but there are also options if you are just looking for a job for the summer. 


Eichers Kids which is located right off of Capital Drive is a Daycare business that is currently hiring. This small business has not hired since COVID – 19 and is looking for students who want to go into elementary education to come and work with kids from toddlers to preschoolers. At this job there is the opportunity to interact with children and also have a positive work environment like going on field trips to water parks or dressing up for Pajama Day. If interest is found in this job reach out to Ms. Eichers via email ([email protected])


If someone wants to decide their own hours you may be interested in something like being a DoorDasher. DoorDash is an online company that allows you to order food from fast food places or restaurants near you and a DoorDasher will pick up your food and deliver it to your house. When you are a DoorDasher you are able to decide when you want to work and for how long you want to work. The DoorDash website says, “What you make as a Dasher depends on where, how much, and what time of day you choose to deliverBut you must be 18 or older to be a DoorDash Driver. To become a DoorDasher all you have to do is download the app Dasher on your phone, and set up your employment. 


Ally Merenkov, senior, says “I just started working at Here’s the Scoop in downtown Delafield. I work twice a week now but I will be working more hours in the summer. I’m excited because I feel like an ice cream shop will be really fun to work at in the summer!”


Arrowhead Alumni Ethan Garcia says, “When I was still at Arrowhead I started DoorDashing my senior year and it was so nice. I was able to work whenever I wanted to and all I would do was drive around to pick up food, drop the food off, and listen to music. It was such a chill thing to do while making money. This could also be a side job too since you can regulate your own time.” 


If you are wanting to work in the service industry Wholly Cow Custard, 637 Main St, Delafield, is also hiring. To work at this job you must be at least 16 years old. Wholly Cow Custard will not be opening back up until late April and they are flexible with student hours during the school year. Wholly Cow is also closed on Sundays which means as an employee you would automatically have Sunday off of work. If you are interested in applying to Wholly Cow go to WhollyCowCustard.com and click on the “Work at the Cow’ tab.