Freshmen and Sophomores react to Wisconsin Forward/ACT Aspire exam

The state of Wisconsin requires school districts to make all 9th and 10th grade students take the ACT Aspire online assessment. 


The ACT Aspire assessment is an online based test that measures progress toward college and career readiness in English, Writing, Math and Science. It helps to predict the outcomes on the ACT assessment. 


If students choose not to take this test, there is an opt out option for those students. 


Testing days for 10 grade students was Monday, April 4th, for last names A-K and Tuesday, April 5th, for last names L-Z.


Testing days for ninth grade students was Wednesday, April 6th, for last names A-K and Thursday, April 7th, for last names L-Z. 


When students were not in school testing, they were required to stay home and participate in online learning activities assigned by their teachers. All students were then back in school on Friday, April 8th. 


Sophomore Noelle Urban thought the Aspire testing was good for she could then see her predicted ACT score but also thought it was a complete waste of time.


Belle Vento said that she thought the Aspire was a waste of time as well, for she “felt rushed and didn’t know a lot of things on it.”


Urban also says she would like to tell future students who take this to “not stress and it is not a huge deal.”


Students can expect their test results to be out as soon as early July.