Students Plan for Senior Skip Day: May 20th

Alex Stahl, reporter

Senior skip day will be occurring on May 20, 2022, according to the Gators, a group of seniors who coordinate student -ed events.


Senior Skip day is not an Arrowhead sanctioned event. Students that miss school that day will have that count against their attendance. 


Adam Kurth, Arrowhead’s principal said, “I think you would get very mixed responses from teacher to teacher. Most teachers believe it’s a right of passage, but we try to have as many students in the building as possible. Parents can call students in, and it will be excused, as long as [the student is] under ten days.”


With senior skip day coming up, seniors are beginning to make plans.


Emerson Odeja said, “I’m planning on spending the day with my boyfriend, he also has off that day so it was perfect timing.”


Ron Reichle, a social studies teacher, said he’s a big fan of senior skip day. “I support senior skip day as a rite of passage but it needs to be done correctly. Don’t have Mommy call in. Be a man and take any punishment that comes with it. Could you imagine every senior getting a Saturday detention? That would be so fun!”


Some students are planning on going to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. Arrowheads’s physics class is also taking a field trip there the same day as senior skip day. Six Flags hours are 10:30-6, these hours change as the season progresses. The cost for a day ticket is $41.


Ava Peterson said, “I’m planning on going to Six Flags with a group of friends. I know a lot of different people who are going to Six Flags.” 


Avery Dunham also said she is going to Six Flags.


Tim Tower, another social studies teacher said, “If you are gonna go, you should suffer the consequences, just don’t have your parents call you in for being sick or a college visit. If you are in sports, or committed to something you shouldn’t go, I personally did not participate [when I was in high school] due to being in baseball.”


Some students are taking the day to go outside. Abby Sinitz said, “A group of my friends is going up to Devil’s Lake and we are planning on spending the day hiking.”


Some other events are occurring the weekend of May 20th outside of school. There is an event called Automotion up in the Wisconsin Dells, which is a car show. 


TJ Acton said, “Me and my friend are heading up to the Dells that day for Automotion, senior skip day just helps us leave earlier.”


Becky Gordon, the associate principal at North Campus said, “We understand that senior skip day is a rite of passage, but just keep in mind that the only way the absence will be excused is if you are below the state allowed ten days. Also keep in mind, a teacher has the right to give an unexcused absence a 50% reduction on an assignment. I would have a parent call you out though and just be honest, it makes it easier for us.”