Getting to Know The Woman Behind The Counter

Getting to Know The Woman Behind The Counter

Zara Agustin Jardon, Reporter

Every morning at North Campus students and teachers alike arrive at the coffee shop for hot or cold beverages, pastries or for a chance to socialize. The coffee shop is run by students, teachers and the special education program. Students and teachers see Elieen Dlobik working to brew coffee and relationships. For nine years, Dlobik has been creating an environment for Arrowhead in hopes of connecting with others.


Olivia Reiter, a senior, attends the Coffee Shop daily. She said, “I love the atmosphere of the coffee shop, whether it’s full of students in the morning, or just me. The nice students working there, the calm lighting, and fitting background music make it a great place to go before first period for a good coffee. The teacher that works there is especially nice and I enjoy seeing her and talking a bit before heading off to first period. Overall it’s just a guaranteed good start to the day.”


The coffee shop hires students in the special education program and students willing to work during their study halls and is open from first to fifth hour. Students and teachers are welcome to come in from 7:30am to 10:52am.


Nathan Radulovich, a senior working at the coffee shop said, “I like Mrs. Dlobik. She’s sweet and helpful when figuring things out because this place can be confusing sometimes. The coffee shop helps me do something instead of doing nothing during study hall and it’s nice having something I’m comfortable with since I work at a Starbucks.”


Teachers have the opportunity to call from their rooms to order beverages which are delivered to their classrooms.


Nick Brengos—a Math teacher who frequently attends the coffee shop to buy a white mocha— said, “Mrs. Dlobik is always looking out for people, asking if I want a coffee in the middle of the day.” Brengos also says “she doesn’t turn Chris Skaros (a Social Studies teacher) away for coffee which is nice since he needs it because he has two kids.”

Along working at the coffee shop, students can be found studying during their study hall periods from first to fifth period.  


Dlobik, the woman behind the counter said, “I drive to work everyday so excited to come walking into the coffee shop, turning on the twinkling light and brewing delicious coffee. Arrowhead needs a safe nice room to let go of their anxiety to relax. The energy and positivity is really contagious, full of tranquility and peace. People take so much from one another, we can learn so much for special ed students and they can learn from us, so it’s a win-win being in this environment.” 


Chris Skaros, a Social Studies teacher, said, “Mrs. Dolbik is the kindest person I know and that is not an exajerationation. Asking about the kids, how I’m doing and she has been incredibly generous to me. She gave me a hat for son Cooper which he wears in my favorite picture of him. She’s always asking if I want a coffee and then gets someone to deliver it to me. Overall incredible, positive things to say about her. She is truly the best person I know.”