Seniors’ Plans for the Future

Emily Hollern, Reporter

After twelve years of school, seniors are finally ready to graduate school and move onto their own paths. According to the Arrowhead website, seniors graduate on June 4th, leaving about two months left of high school.


Arrowhead senior Gabriel DeVries-Reilingh already has his plans in order for the fall. “I’m going to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I already have a bunch of merch for it,” he says.


During the summer, Reilingh plans to work a job. “I’m not sure yet what I want to do, but I definitely want to get a summer job–full time, too,” he says. “College is expensive.”


The cost of room and board and tuition fees for both fall and spring add up to around $29,600–for in-state students. Minnesota and Wisconsin have a tuition reciprocity agreement, according to the Higher Education Aids Board, so a Wisconsin resident will receive in-state tuition while attending a university in Minnesota, and vice versa.


He has already picked out his major and minor as well. “I’m majoring in English, and I’m minoring in linguistics. I’d like to eventually be fluent in Italian, Korean, and Japanese; I’d like to learn Welsh and Portuguese as well.”


“I might also take some cybersecurity courses–just to be fluent in the language of computers and protect my online info. Plus, it looks pretty good on a resume,” he says.


Reilingh does not have an exact plan for his future job, but he has some ideas. He says, “I do think I want to go into the criminal law field, but I want to learn more about it before I make any decisions.”


Another senior, Ben Hintze, has some plans for fall of 2022 as well. “I wanna keep working at my job I have now at St. Vinny’s, but during some of the summer I wanna work full time. Maybe after I rack up some money I’ll go to WCTC,” he says.


St. Vincent DePaul–or St. Vinny’s–is a thrift store that has multiple locations in Wisconsin. Near Arrowhead, the closest locations are on Ryan Street and Brown Street. 


WCTC–or Waukesha County Technical College–is a near-home choice for seniors. According to the college’s website, tuition per credit for Wisconsin students is $143, and 96% of graduates are satisfied with their college education. The amount of credits to graduate varies between degrees, but 12 is the bare minimum.


WCTC provides a large variation of courses, and it is not focused solely on a specific field. The deadline to apply varies per course, but registration for the following fall semester starts October 1st, and registration for the following spring semester starts April 1st.


Hintze plans on majoring in something, but not minoring. “I don’t really know much about what I’m going to do in college, but I’m probably going to major in computer science. I’d like to learn more about the field anyway.”