Meet Senior Hunter Dora!


Alex Stahl, Reporter

Hunter Dora is a senior and says he is “very thrilled,” to end his senior year.


Dora is committed to Boyce College in Kentucky and is majoring in Business Administration. Dora said, “I enjoy finances and learning about it. My cousin is currently in that program and he loves it.”


Boyce College is a private Christian school, known for its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Church of the United States.


During his senior year, Dora played on the junior varsity hockey team, and played on the varsity team for one game during the season. 


Dora is not really involved in any other extracurricular activities. He said, “I used to be a part of the Teenage Republicans Club, but honestly I haven’t gone to a meeting in awhile.”


Outside of school, Dora says he enjoys reading, exercising, playing with his dog Rocky, and watching movies. Dora is also very involved with his church, which is First Baptist Church of Hartland. Dora sometimes helps out with services, and will read scripture and lead prayers. 


Right now, here are Hunter Dora’s top three preferences:


Top movie: Fight Club.

Top song: Shake the Frost by Tyler Childers.

Top artist: Maverick City Music.


With high school coming to a close for Dora, he said, “My favorite part of high school was definitely the people I met, and the sports I got to play.”


Dora says is also “really excited for the senior Nerf wars.”


Information on the Nerf wars has finally been released, and the games will begin on April 25th. More information is released, but due to privacy, it cannot be shared. You can follow the instagram page nerfwarsahs22 for more information.


When it comes to advice for incoming freshmen, Dora said, “Stay consistent with school work and push yourself.”