Insight into Arrowhead Students’ Spring Break

Spring break 2022 took place from March 19th through the 27th. Some students stayed local while other students traveled. 


Lucas Chromy, a senior, said “I went to Ft. Myers with my friends, Oliver, Peter, Sam, Joey, Carlos, Ty, Will, and Lauren. We went to Drew Nagy’s house who is a friend of ours and also a student at Arrowhead.”


One of the more popular destination spots for spring break this year was Florida. 


Jacob Stevens, a senior, said, “I went to Hilton Head, South Carolina. While I was there with my friends, Dylan, James, and Reese, I enjoyed playing spike ball on the beach.” 


Students left anywhere from Friday March 18th to Wednesday March 23rd. Students traveled both in the United States and outside of the country to places like Mexico or in Southern America. 


Senior Lucas Buffington says, “I went to Tulum, Mexico. One of my favorite parts was how nice the weather was for just sitting and chilling on the beach.”


Senior Abigail Sajdowitz who was another senior who traveled outside of the country for spring break says, “This spring break I went to Roatan, Honduras. I went with a bunch of my friends from school so we had a pretty big group. It was my friends Hunter, Spencer, Alex, Kylie, Olivia, Mia, Connor, Isabelle, Tatum, Mckenna, Baylee, Charlie, and Leah. 


Sajdowitz also says, “One of my favorite parts of the whole trip was just being able to experience a whole new different culture. It was so much different than the United States and I have never been there so it was super cool being there.”


The Monday after Spring Break was a slow day, everyone was transitioning back into the flow of school and having been gone for a good amount of time. 


Senior Athena McSorely says, “One of the worst parts about coming back after vacation was coming home to 30 degree weather and snow.”