April Fools Day Prank Ideas

Emily Hollern, Reporter

April Fools day, on April 1st, is an annual holiday that people celebrate by playing jokes on each other. Each year, new pranks are made up and conducted and new ideas are introduced to the world.


Ryanne Farris, a junior at Arrowhead, says, “My parents used to put green dish soap in the toilets for April fools. It smelled weird.”


Farris also has an identical twin sister. “Me and my sister would switch classes and pretend to be each other for a day. Except, I didn’t get the memo, so it just seemed like there were two of me,” she says.


“A good idea for April Fools day is to continuously add glitter glue to someone’s shoe throughout the day without them noticing,” Farris says. “By the end of the day, it’ll be covered!”


Another junior, Garrett Monis, notes that he enjoys pranks found online. “In fifth grade, I replaced my teacher’s chalk with white Crayons. It kinda ruined the board. It was funny, though.”


“I think drawing on people randomly is fun for April Fools, no matter what kinda stuff you draw on them—as long as it’s allowed in school,” Monis says.


Both Monis and Farris have thoughts about the holiday.


Farris says, “I think the holiday is kind of stupid. It’s not really anything special, just an excuse for your friends to mess with you. It’s not bad, it just seems dumb.”


On the contrary, Monis says, “I think it’s a cool holiday. It’s fun to prank your friends, but I just always forget.”


According to History.com, April Fools’ day dates back to 1582, when France switched its calendar from Julian to Gregorian. The Julian calendar’s new year started on April 1st, and the Gregorian calendar’s new year started on January 1st.


“People who were slow to get the news or failed to recognize that the start of the new year had moved to January 1 and continued to celebrate it during the last week of March through April 1 became the butt of jokes and hoaxes and were called ‘April fools,’” says the website.