Meet Senior Corey Ward!


Alex Stahl, Reporter

Corey Ward is a senior and is “very excited for summer to start.”


Ward has committed to UW-Madison and is majoring in Psychology. He is still unsure of the path he wants to follow, but Ward said, “I know I have a lot of time to figure it out.”


Ward also applied to several other colleges; including University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Ohio, and Baylor University. 


This year, Ward hasn’t been very involved in as many school activities as previous years. He used to be a part of Mock Trial and eSports, but quit them back in junior year. 


Ward also used to play tennis and volleyball, but he quit those as well. 


Outside of school, Ward enjoys hanging out with friends, sleeping, and work. Ward works at Best Buy over in Delafield. 


“I’m a sales representative, and I’ve worked there for about six months, it’s pretty fun.” Ward makes $15 an hour at Best Buy.


As the school year comes to a close, Ward says he is most excited for, “Senior skip day, or the Nerf wars. I need to make sure I find a good team for that, I want to win.”


There is still no set date for senior skip day or for the start of the senior Nerf wars.


Ward gives this advice to incoming freshmen: “Meet as many people as you can, and join as many clubs as you can, if you don’t like them you can always quit, but you should always try, it’s great for meeting new people.”