Broadway Company’s Musical Theater Night

Hayley Winser, Reporter

The weekend of March 10th through March 12th, Arrowhead’s Broadway Company held their annual Musical Theater Night (MTN) performance. MTN is a Broadway Company production of multiple different performances or songs from separate Broadway musicals all compiled into one show. Tickets for MTN ranged from $12.00 to $20.00 depending on the section. MTN is largely a student directed and choreographed production. 


Sophomore, Grace Hamilton who saw MTN on the last performance day (Saturday, March 12th), says “ My favorite performance was “Nobody Cares about Santa Claus” because it was funny, and the boys were good dancers.” Hamilton says that during this performance boys from the Broadway Company were dressed up like Santa, and did a dance number. “Nobody Cares about Santa Claus” is a song from the musical Elf. 


All of the numbers that were performed are listed below in the order that they were performed :


  • Crusin for a Bruisin 
  • Dear Theodosia 
  • Macavity
  • Skid row 
  • Forget About the Boy
  • Stay I Pray You
  • Flesh Failures 
  • 38 Planes
  • Sincerely Me
  • Rhythm of the Night 
  • Bad Idea 
  • Won’t Say Im in love 
  • Nobody Cares about Santa claus 
  • Murder Murder 
  • We go Together 
  • From Now On


A variety of Broadway musical songs are performed at MTN. Most of the performances included solos, and dance numbers. Sophomore in Broadway Company, Brady Schiro, says that they have been preparing for MTN since late December of 2021. Schiro was in eight out of the 16 performances. He had solos in the following performances : Dear Theodosia, 38 Planes, Sincerely Me, and From Now On. 


Schiro says that he has loved being a part of Broadway Company, “Everyone is really accepting and they help you ease into it.” 


Broadway Company sophomores, Lauryn Wulf and Kate Taylor were a part of seven performances. Taylor had a solo in the performance of Rhythm of the Night.


 Wulf says,“Broadway feels like a family to me, and when being a newbie, there was never a moment where I felt judged or excluded from the upper class-men.”