Parnia Serjooei: An Interview with a Member of Peers 4 Peers

Ava Lillesand, reporter

Parnia Serjooei, a junior, is a member of the club Peers 4 Peers. Peers 4 Peers is a club that works towards creating a welcoming environment at Arrowhead. They work with Thomas Stueber to put on WINGS, a freshman orientation. Peers 4 Peers is run by Stuber, a guidance counselor at South campus. If you are interested in joining, check your email for a Google form that is your application. The email will be sent out after spring break. 


Serjooei says, “I enjoy being able to interact freely with my friends and making sure our school is a safe and healthy environment.” 


Peers 4 Peers holds events like a skating day at the Mullett center that encourage students to come and meet new people. 


Serjooei says, “ I feel that Peers 4 Peers makes a huge difference at Arrowhead. Arrowhead needs students to guide the ones struggling with stress, anxiety, and just life.”


Peers 4 Peers currently has 48 members. 


Serjooei says, “Arrowhead students and parents should know that Peers 4 Peers is a very interactive and social club that helps students get out of their shells. Peers 4 Peers helps its club members learn how to deal with certain situations and how to maximize the joy of their own lives.”


Peers 4 Peers meets the third Thursday of every month at six pm via Zoom. 


Serjooei says, “Peers 4 peers is welcome to any student. We accept everyone! Peers4peers has taught me how to be a better human being and how to take a more active role in the lives of my peers.”