Boys Ice Hockey 2022 Season Comes to an End

Sophie Illman, Reporter

On February 22nd the Boys Ice Hockey Team played against University School of Milwaukee. Arrowhead lost to University School of Milwaukee in triple overtime with a score finishing 1-0. 


In the first overtime it was a 5v5 game in eight minutes and no one scored. The 5v5 consisted of the players, Seniors: Hunter Mullett, Zach Wolverton, Tyson Skaggs, Joey Neubert, and Junior Sam Neubert. After that the second overtime went down to 4v4 including Mullett, Wolverton, Neubert, and Skaggs They got five minutes to play. Still neither of the teams had scored so they went into triple overtime. Triple overtime went down to a 3v3 which consisted of three players: Mullett, Wolverton, and Neubert. 


Arrowhead and University School of Milwaukee played for three periods and three overtimes, but were not able to score a goal. University School of Milwaukee scored within the last minute of the overtime which made them the victors. 


Wolverton says, “We fought harder than ever and we gave it our all. I am not disappointed in any of the players on the team because I am so beyond proud of how much they improved. I am so happy I was able to lead all of them this season. I made some really good friends and I am always going to look back happily on these last couple seasons with my friends and teammates.”


Now that the season is over the seniors and the whole team will come together again at their annual end of the season banquet.