Added School Day on 4/18

Hayley Winser, Reporter

On Tuesday, February 22nd, Arrowhead experienced an ‘Ice day’. There was an ice storm the night of Monday February 21st, that carried into Tuesday morning. The storm resulted in poor road conditions and strong winds that gusted over 40 mph. An email from Laura Myrah, the schools Superintendent, was sent out to all parents and staff on Tuesday morning at 5:48 AM saying that “school is canceled today, Tue. February 22, as a result of unsafe driving conditions for our buses and potentially for all student, parent, and staff drivers.”


As a result of this snow day, Arrowhead removed a day off. The day after Easter, Monday April 18th, is now an in person school day. In the same email from Myrah she says, “The make-up day will be Monday, April 18 (the day after Easter)- Arrowhead WILL hold school on that day.”


Before the snow day occurred, April 18th was a day off for Easter break. Myrah states in the email that  “This school day will need to be made up later in the year in order to reach the Dept. of Public Instruction’s required number of instructional hours for high schools.”


Surrounding schools, like Kettle Moraine, Pewaukee, and Oconomowoc also had the day off on the 22nd. At Kettle Moraine, they used the off day as a virtual learning day so that they would not have to make up the day in person. Pewaukee High School does not have a makeup day in-person or virtual.