Get to Know Senior Alex Wood


Alex Stahl, Reporter

Alex Wood is a senior and says he is, “very excited to finish second semester.” 


Wood has committed to UW-Lacrosse and is majoring in Statistics and Actuarial Science. Wood also applied to UW Oshkosh, UW Eau Claire, and UW Oshkosh. Wood chose Lacrosse because, “It was my dream area to live in, and I love the campus.”


Wood is not currently involved in any clubs here at Arrowhead. He has taken part of Wings one year as a mentor, and during his freshman and sophomore year, he ran Track and Field. 


Outside of school, Wood enjoys hanging out with his friends,  playing guitar, as well as driving around Waukesha. Wood said, “I grew up in the Waukesha area, and it is still my favorite place to drive around in.”


Wood works at Falbo’s pizza in Hartland where he makes $9 an hour plus tips. He is in charge of making pizza, delivery, as well as working the oven. Some popular items include, the stuffed “chicago” style pizza, the mac and cheese pizza. “Amongst our coworkers our favorite pizza is the bacon cheeseburger deluxe. Also, our cheese sticks.” Falbos hours are 10-8 on weekdays, and 10-9 on weekends.


Wood is most excited for senior skip day, “I’m really excited to be able to relax while everyone is at school.” He is also excited for the Senior Nerf Wars that take place each May.  


With the end of senior year approaching quickly Wood said, “I’m very excited to graduate and live on my own, yet there is also this layer of dread, I’m happy to get out of highschool, but I’m a bit scared of being an adult.”


Wood’s advice to incoming freshmen is, “Don’t overwork yourself and be your own person. You don’t need a group to be happy.”