Art at Arrowhead: Students Win Scholastic Art Competition

Ava Lillesand, Reporter

Students from Arrowhead’s art classes had their pieces submitted into the Scholastic Art Competition. The winning pieces are being displayed at the Milwaukee Art Museum until March 20th. Students submitted 3D art, photography, digital art, and 2D art. 


Elizabeth Ganos, junior, says, “My inspiration came from a ‘Hippopotamus amulet’, an older piece of ceramic from ancient Egypt…But I gave it my own spin.” 


Elizabeth’s piece is a ceramic 3D art piece. 


Students in art classes at Arrowhead were notified of the competition and were given the opportunity to submit a piece. 


Annella MacLean, junior, says, “I spent about 10 – 12 hours on each piece.” 


Annella’s piece is a 2D oil painting. This piece is a painting depicting tarot cards. 


Annella MacLean submitted two pieces and won two awards. 


Sherry Moseler, art teacher, says, “This is an enormous achievement in the visual arts.” 


The winners of this competition will compete nationally. Winners of the national competition can win medals and scholarships.