Getting to Know Ally Merenkov

Sophie Illman, Reporter


Ally Merenkov is a senior at Arrowhead High School who will be attending the University of Kentucky this fall. Merenkov says one of the main reasons she chose the University of Kentucky is because her mom is an alumni from the University of Kentucky. 


Merenkov is planning on going into elementary education and wants to teach kindergarten or first grade. Merenkov has already found her roommate, who is her mom’s best friend’s daughter.


Merenkov says, “I am really excited that I had my roommate picked out so early on and I am also so happy that it is someone that I know and am already kind of close with. She lives far from me so I do not see her all the time, but I am excited to have a new best friend.”


Merenkov also says she knows other students from Arrowhead that will be attending University of Kentucky as well and is excited to see some familiar faces around the campus like junior Ethan Hindle.


In Merenkov’s free time, she likes to hangout with her friends and her mom at her house on the weekends. She is also looking forward to responses and interviews from recent jobs she just applied to at Planet Fitness, and the Wisconsin Athletic Club. She has yet to hear back from her interviews and is hoping to work at the Wisconsin Athletic Club.


With spring break coming up, Merenkov is excited for the time off from school. She says, “I am extremely excited for spring break even though I am not going to a vacation destination. I think I am going to Indiana with my friend and her family to go to her volleyball tournament and watch my best friend play. Since I am not going on spring break in June I am going to St. Thomas with my mom’s side of the family and I am also bringing some friends so that should be super fun.”