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Sophie Illman, Reporter


During school you would normally see a lot of kids in classrooms, halls, or maybe even lunch with headphones in. Have you ever wondered, what are they listening to? Senior Jillian Luther says she listens to music for almost four to five hours a day while Senior Nevaeh Davis says she varies from two to three hours a day. 

In the past years the airpods came out and the majority of the people bought them and began using them. Recently, in 2019 the new Airpods Pros came out. These were the next versions and became popular very quickly. Many people continue to wear headphones with wires because they prefer those over the bluetooth earbuds. 

According to Spotify the most streamed artists this year in 2021 were

  1. Bad Bunny 
  2. Taylor Swift 
  3. BTS
  4. Drake
  5. Justin Bieber

Senior Carter Hoffstetter said his top three favorite artists were Charlieonnafriday, Mark Dohner, and Joey badA$$ and his top three favorite songs were all by Joey badA$$. 

Senior Jamison Landmann said his favorite artist was Drake who also happened to be on Spotify’s top five most listened to artists in 2021.

Davis says, “I think a lot of the artists and songs that happen to be in the top five on Spotify are all the songs that you hear on the radio or that are overplayed all the time, you know like the songs that are so catchy they get stuck in your head.”

Students say music is important because it helps improve mental health. According to Palladium Private, music can help you boost confidence, relax, and express an emotion you’re having. Music can also be seen as an escape and can help bring people to a better place or memory in that time being. 

In 2022 there are a couple of popular artists who are coming out with a new album, such as Kanye West who will be releasing his new album Donda 2 at the end of February. Artist Charli XCX will also be releasing their album on March 18 called Crash.