AHS Students Vote for this Year’s Prom Theme

AHS juniors and seniors on Monday, January 31st, 2022 were sent an email by the associate principal Becky Gordan that it is that time of the year to vote for the prom theme. 


This email included a link to a Google form that had the following choices for the themes:

  • Enchanted fairytale 
  • Hollywood Glamor 
  • Masquerade ball
  • Starry night 


The themes this year were chosen by the student senate. It started by the student senate executive team sending out a google form with a huge list of themes at one of the meetings and then narrowed it down to the top four to eventually send it to the juniors and seniors.


Sophomore representative Sylvia Purko says that Pinterest sparked their interests for most of the theme ideas. 


The students deadline to make their request and fill out the form was Friday, February 4th, 2022. 


The theme is then picked by whichever one has the most votes. 


Senior Reese Conrad forgot to vote by the deadline but she said she would have voted for Hollywood glamor because, “I think it’s the most realistic.” 


Senior Tierney Ordway and Senior Hayley Hunt did vote by the deadline and they said they voted for the masquerade ball.


Hunt said, “It reminds me of a Gossip Girl episode and I wanted to live the real Blair Waldorf moment.” (Waldorf is the main character in the show).  


Senior Shannon Dwyer says she voted for Hollywood glamor because, “My dress is going to match this theme the most.” 


Junior Ciara Ruppenthal says she voted for masquerade ball because, “It just seemed cooler than the rest and wanted it to feel like all those movies that they do this type of dance in.”