All About Shayn Sondrol


Alex Stahl, Reporter


Shayn Sondrol is a senior and is “very excited for her senior year to come to a close.”


Sondrol applied to UW-Oshkosh, UW Eau Claire, UW Lacrosse, University of Southern Illinois, and UW-Madison. 


Sondrol committed to University of Southern Illinois and is majoring in nursing. She chose Southern Illinois because she was directly admitted while other schools were not.


Sondrol was directly admitted into the nursing program at Southern Illinois. She had to take a four hour exam to be admitted into this program. Sondrol said, “I cried at least three times. It was so stressful.”


In this program during her senior year at college, she will pick a nurse to shadow, then will take on some of their shifts and get hands-on experience in the field. 


At Arrowhead, Sondrol is not involved in any activities in school, but outside of school she likes to hang out with her boyfriend and her friends. 


She also works at Target in Delafield, where she makes $15 an hour. Sondrol said, “I am not the biggest fan of my job. It is a lot of walking around and it is very independent, I wish I had more time to talk to other people then be by myself.” She does not plan on working until at least the second semester of her first year of college.


Sondrol has a dog named Groot and a fish named Marlin. She has a little sister who is a freshman. Her mom works from home as a hair stylist as well. 


In terms of graduation, Sondrol said, “I am most excited for graduating, I am not the biggest fan of my classes, I have two many 40 minute classes, my day feels very long, I feel like I have done this school thing forever and I am ready to graduate.”